Coast Physical Therapy provides comprehensive services as part of our massage therapy, physical therapy, rehabilitation and sports therapy programs. All programs and services are supervised by our fully skilled and certified Therapists and Technicians.

Home Exercise Program

Office visits alone may not be sufficient for an individual's needs and potential. Following a home exercise program improves strength, flexibilty, and range of motion during and after a physical therapy program.

Coast Physical Therapy's licensed therapists will prescribe a home exercise program tailored to each patient. Depending on an individual's needs we may prescribe an HEP to follow in-between visits, or to follow after the patient has completed their visits. We will provide the training and elastic bands as needed to ensure patients have the best chance of following the HEP at home. Following the HEP will ensure that patients continue to maintain and improve upon the progress made during physical therapy.

Patient Education

Patient education is an integral part of Coast Physical Therapy treatment. Our licensed therapists and technicians are available to answer patient and patient caregiver questions. During the initial evaluation and throughout treatments we help the patient understand their specific condition, potential risks, and explain the various therapies we utilize. We also educate our patients on proper exercise techniques and proper body-mechanics to prevent further injury at home.

Wellness and Fitness Programs

Coast Physical Therapy offers a Wellness and Fitness Program for “graduates” of physical therapy and any of our patients who have exhausted their insurance benefits. We offer a maintenance plan at a very reasonable fee to retain the gains you’ve made in therapy. The Wellness and Fitness Program allows our previous patients to use our gym and equipment at their convenience. These "fitness patients" enjoy consultation privileges and assistance as needed with our staff while you exercise.

Sit 2 Stand in Use, Mid Standing/Sitting
Exercise ropes in use to strengthen back and core.
Woman using water filled tube for balance and core strengthening
Woman using pulleys while standing. Doing retractions
Man standing on Bosu Ball for Balance