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Are you ready for a physical therapy experience that treats you as the unique, valuable person you are? If so, look no further than our privately-owned physical therapy practice in Titusville, Florida. Our dedicated, close-knit staff treats you like family while helping you reach your individualized goals. “We control our patient load so that every single patient gets the attention they deserve,” says owner Mark Tonkins, R.P.T., A.T.C. “You are going to experience the care of our dedicated, experienced staff during every single visit.”

Why Choose Coast Physical Therapy?

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Coast Physical Therapy is privately owned
That means there is no corporate quota of patients seen in a day, and no corporate pressure to exclude patients based on ability to pay. “We work with a lot of people who have no insurance,” says Tonkins. “Each person’s circumstances are different, and by getting to know our patients, we can design a program that meets their needs and is also within their resources.”

Coast Physical Therapy is committed to helping patients achieve their maximum potential, regardless of their financial circumstances
In addition to sliding fees for patients who need to pay for care out of their own pockets, Coast Physical Therapy offers two programs that continue care for patients whose insurance benefits have been exhausted. “We allow our patients to come in for maintenance after their insurance has run out, for as long as they need to come, and at a nominal fee,” says Tonkins. “We really want our patients to have their maximum recovery, regardless of what the insurance company allows.”

One of the most experienced, qualified physical therapists our community has to offer
Owner Tonkins has worked with both the San Francisco 49ers and the United States Olympic team in wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics, cycling and hockey. You can feel secure knowing your recovery is in the hands of a physical therapist who is trusted to treat our nation’s best athletes.

Personalized service
Last but not least, Coast Physical Therapy’s philosophy of personalized service is shared by all of their professional staff. Whether you’re working with Mark or any of the other friendly and professional staff, you will find your needs will always come first.

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Supervised fitness programs
Coast Physical Therapy offers this program for those who want to be able to protect their bodies from injury and re-injury while working out. “We’re here for the community, to answer their questions and help them keep their bodies in shape,” says Tonkins.

Our Team

Coast Physical Therapy is dedicated to your physical therapy and rehabilitation goals.
We strive to help you meet your full potential.

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